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Director de Coaching: 
Edgar Godoy
Edgar 22_edited.jpg

Experiencia de juego:

Interior profesional  (Harrisburg Heat 2017-2020)

2a división profesional en Venezuela (Centro Italo-Venezolano)

Profesional de 3a división en Venezuela (Atlético Peñarol) 

Entrenador de viajes y recreación en Lions FC (Miami, FL) 2014-2017.  


Experiencia de entrenamiento:

-Entrenador personal certificado

-Entrenador certificado de velocidad, agilidad y rapidez

-Actualmente cursando Licencia CONMEBOL "C" en la "Escuela de Entrenadores Cesar Luis Menotti"


2013      Granizada de Hannover

2012      Hannover Thunder

2011       Hannover Heat

2010      Tormenta de Hannover    

2007      Hannover Flames


2013 A     Halcones de Hannover

2012 A     Víboras negras de Hannover

2011 A     Dragones rojos de Hannover

2011 B     Dragones negros de Hannover

2010      Hannover Red United

2009 A     Raptors rojos de Hannover

2008/09  Razorbacks negros de Hannover

2008      Hannover Razorbacks

Hanover SC Registration acceptance, payment, and refund policies.


Acceptance, registration, and payment of the player registration fee to a Hanover SC team confirms a player’s commitment to the team, the Club, and the fees associated with membership for the Fall season. Players are financially obligated for the Field and Team Fees at the time of acceptance regardless of whether they choose to complete the full payment at the time of acceptance or select an installment plan.   


Installment Plan

Registration Fees are due when a spot is accepted on a Hanover SC roster. Hanover SC offers an installment plan to help reduce the upfront financial obligation.  Each payment must be made in full by the specified dates in order for the player to remain eligible. Installments that are not made in a timely manner may result in a player being removed from their team or program, at the Travel Committee's discretion.


Refund Policy -  Effective May 1, 2023

Hanover SC will review requests for an adjustment to Registration Fees in the case of a significant injury or relocation, as defined below. To initiate this review, please contact the Vice President of Travel and clearly explain the circumstances.  Any adjustment or refund of fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Club President and Travel VP.  Administrative fees may apply.   


All requests for a Registration Fee review or refund must be submitted within one month of the end of the regular season.  Under no circumstances will refunds be provided after that. Where possible, refunds will be provided in the same manner in which payment was made. Please allow 7-10 business days for Hanover SC's board to review your request and communicate its decision regarding the refund request.


Significant Injury

Should a significant injury occur that results in a substantial loss of play or participation in club benefits, a review of the player’s fee can be initiated by contacting the Travel VP.  A significant injury is defined as an injury that results in a player not being able to participate in team activities for more than a six week time frame. A doctor’s note to confirm the severity of the injury will be requested.



Consideration for relocations outside the South Central Pennsylvania area will be given. Please contact the Travel VP with specific circumstances to begin a review.


Mid-Season Withdraws

Players who choose to withdraw from any programming once team acceptance is completed for reasons other than significant injury or relocation will not be eligible for a refund and will be responsible for completing any remaining payments owed through the installment plan along with any remaining team fees owed to date. Permission to re-roster with another club through any youth sanctioning body (i.e.EPYSA, US Club Soccer or USASA) will not be granted until all fees have been paid. Permission to register for Hanover SC future tryouts will not be granted until all outstanding balances have been paid to Hanover SC.

Interested in coaching  a travel team?

Hanover Soccer is always looking for former players with soccer knowledge to help advance our program. Click the image below to submit your name for consideration. We appreciate you!

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